Updates and Responses to Inquiries

Outreach Launches for Castle Creek Bridge / Hallam Street Improvement Project
Update for February 14, 2018

Project construction is set to begin on Monday, April 2, 2018 with traffic and pedestrian detours. One lane is needed on both the bridge and Hallam Street for construction access and work. Sign up here for project news and updates emails.

Our team is working towards finalizing project details and measures to minimize impacts to residents and commuters. There will be delays, but we’re aiming to reach as many people as possible to increase project awareness, explain logistics and encourage self-preparation.

View the Project Fact Sheet (February 2018)

Construction to begin the project in 2018!
Update for June 19, 2017

The full project will be placed for bid in August of 2017. The anticipation for the start date pending Council approval would be in April of 2018. This would include the full span of the project beginning at the west end of Castle Creek Bridge and ending at 7th Street.

The improvements on Hallam Street between Castle Creek Bridge and 7th street were placed to bid in March of 2017. The City did not receive any qualifying bids at that time. The Living Lab Experiment could not be reconstructed due to the availability of qualified contractors and budget restrictions.

Living Lab Finalized Construction
Update for April 18, 2016

The Living Lab Experiment completed construction for the install and is scheduled to remain in place until July 29th.

The next step in the experiment will be to evaluate the amount of use on the trail and to evaluate the traffic conditions. All traffic patterns will be evaluated by a consultant and compared to the information that was gathered in 2015. This will allow the City to fully determine the impact on traffic.

Living Lab Construction Update
Update for April 12, 2016

Construction is anticipated to resume on Wednesday 4/13/16 if the weather cooperates. The trail is currently open.

The final joint between the new and existing sidewalk will be grouted for a smooth transition between the two. This will be the final measures for construction and will have less than a day of closure.

2016-04-11 09.55.13
Concrete Curing
2016-04-04 19.29.51
Removal of the Striping
2016-04-06 19.55.16
Placement of the Jersey Barriers and the Foam Board



2016-04-08 13.26.35
Placement of the Concrete Extension






Living Lab Experiment
Update for May 24, 2016

Fox Tuttle Hernandez Transportation Group will begin to study traffic in a similar manner as the traffic study that was provided last summer. The two studies will be able to compare the impact the Living Lab Experiment has had on traffic patterns on the bridge.

2016 Living Lab Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Why is the project ending on July 29th instead of extending throughout the bike season?

A: The Living Lab Experiment has been approved through Council for three months. However, we believe the lab can extend into the fall if the public wishes this to extend. Staff will report to Council for a Work Session this coming summer on progress for the Living Lab Experiment. Public input could increase the length of the project if the project is successful and well received. Please let Staff know your thoughts on the project.