HOW TO SUCCEED: Tools to lessen the traffic and frustration during detour periods

 1 | PLAN AHEAD – Take the time to plan your week and daily commute by understanding traffic impacts and delays. When possible, shift your schedule around peak times (Inbound: 7-9 AM/Outbound: 3-6 PM)

2 | TEAM UP – Grab a friend and commute together. Encourage others to try new modes of transportation. Utilize to find people heading the same direction as you.

3 | DRIVE LESS – Try a new mode of transit – whether that is using public transportation, biking, ridesharing or walking to meetings – anything helps. Remember – the fastest way in and out of town will be the bus. For a free option, park at the Brush Creek Intercept Lot or Buttermilk and ride into town.


The RFTA bus stop at 8th Street (inbound and outbound) closed on April 2 and relocated to the 4th and Main Street stop. It is anticipated that the 8th Street stop will be closed for the duration of this project.
Additional bus stop closures: 7th Street, 6th Street and 2nd Street (outbound).

The RFTA BRT buses will temporarily add the Maroon Creek Kiss-n-Ride as an inbound BRT stop and the roundabout stop as an outbound BRT stop.

RFTA bus service is free from the Brush Creek Intercept Lot through Aspen. Parking at all RFTA Park and Ride locations including the Intercept Lot and Buttermilk is free. Buses do not have to take the Power Plant detour and will be the fastest way to get around and out of town.

WeCycle stations are active across town including stations near the 4th Street bus stops (north and south side), near 8th Street and at the roundabout. The first 30 minutes of all WeCycle rides is free. Stations are active through September.