The Castle Creek/Hallam Street Connectivity Study follows the ideals of The City of Aspen Civic Master Plan (CMPAG) adopted by City Council in December 2006. The Plan states “Aspen’s future should be one in which the automobile plays a smaller role in people’s everyday lives. Other modes of travel should be made as safe and convenient as possible to facilitate that goal…the level of investment in…more and better bikeways and walkways should increase.”

Castle Creek Bridge City Of AspenThis project will utilize professional engineering services to develop and determine the feasibility of improved pedestrian crossings, streetscape improvements, and pedestrian and bicycle connectivity into this corridor. Within the context of this project there are opportunities for the City to:

  • Improve pedestrian safety through better pedestrian/traffic interactions, including treatments for high volumes of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Improve Aspen’s East-West pedestrian and bike connectivity
  • Update and enhance Castle Creek Bridge connections to adjacent roadway, pedestrian, bicyclist infrastructure.
  • Improve the existing bus stop locations
  • Enhance pedestrian safety by examining existing crossings and pedestrian patterns
  • Improve the crossing infrastructure including ADA accessibility upgrades.
  • Engage the community and other stakeholders during the design process
  • Improve the safety for users on Castle Creek Bridge