City Informational Events


Castle Creek Bridge Open House
Come join staff and get informed on the proposed Hallam Street Improvements project. The project is 60% designed and community feedback is welcomed during this period. Staff will also explain the Snow Lab that is currently being planned this winter. The Snow Lab will mimic some of the features that the Living Lab experiment conducted successfully over the winter.

December 1st

3:00 to 6:00 pm

City Hall





Living Lab Ice Cream Social2

Living Lab Walk Through: June 1st
Come share your opinions on the Living Lab Experiment and enjoy some food and ice cream. Staff will be available to walk citizens through the experiment and discuss details of the design on the Hallam Street Improvements project as well as any questions people have on the bridge. Staff will utilize all comments added on the post it note for future design or actions needed.

The Living Lab Ice Cream Social was a success! Thank you call for coming out to share your thoughts and enjoy the great weather.


We have received over 80 surveys at this point and we are utilizing them during this design phase to implement a project that will suit the City of Aspen users.

Project Ambassadors at the City of Aspen Farmer’s Market: June 25th and July 23rd
Staff will be located at a booth within the Farmer’s Market to inform and meet with stakeholders to gain further information and input.

Colorado Bike to Work Day: June 22nd
Bugsy-Paepcke Come enjoy some snacks and ice cream throughout the day at Bugsy Barnard Park and Paepcke Park. This is a great opportunity to discuss specifics on the Living Lab Experiment with Staff.

Holiday Welcome: July 4th
Staff will be located at Bugsy Barnard Park during the morning hours of the holiday to provide snacks and welcome visitors.

Bike To Work Day


Public Open House: December 1st

Staff will have a public open house at Sister Cities conference room in City Hall.

Council Work Session: December 13th