Construction activities are complete for the Castle Creek Bridge / Hallam Street Improvement Project. Thank you to the Aspen residents, commuters and visitors for your patience throughout the project.


The Castle Creek Bridge / Hallam Street Improvement Project seeks to improve safety and function for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists on the busiest street in Aspen, CO. Key project components include: a protected 8-foot-wide concrete trail, upgraded bus shelters, repaired roadway and improved intersections at both Seventh and Eighth Street. These improvements will increase user safety, promote multi-modal connectivity, upgrade our public transportation infrastructure and enhance corridor aesthetics.


In 2014, the City of Aspen identified the Castle Creek Bridge and Hallam Street corridor as a deficient link in Aspen’s bicycle and pedestrian network. Safe and efficient travel options for cyclists and pedestrians are limited through this area due to topographic, property, and geometric constraints. This is one of the top ten accident locations in the city. Most of the infrastructure between 7th Street and the west side of Castle Creek Bridge has received no significant upgrade since 1962 and many repairs are required. Through extensive public outreach, multiple connectivity studies and experiments, and conceptual planning the City of Aspen developed a project plan to address this critical connection.