Construction and detours begin April 2, 2018.

In 2014, the Castle Creek Bridge and Hallam Street corridor were identified as a deficient link in Aspen’s bicycle and pedestrian network. This critical connection is along the busiest street in the city, yet there have not been any major upgrades in the area for nearly six decades.

The Castle Creek Bridge / Hallam Street Improvement Project seeks to improve safety and function in this area for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists with these key project components:

  • A protected 8-foot-wide concrete trail across the north side of Castle Creek Bridge to Seventh and Hallam Street
  • Upgraded bus shelters with ADA improvements
  • Enhanced roadway
  • A new, safer intersection and crosswalk location near Eighth Street

In addition to improving safety, these improvements: promote multi-modal connectivity, upgrade our public transportation infrastructure and enhance corridor aesthetics.

View the Project Fact Sheet (February 2018)

Upcoming Project Events

  • February 28: Contractor Conference Call
  • March 1: Neighbors and Businesses Meeting – Two Sessions
    • Pitkin County Library
    • Session I: 9:30-10:30 AM
    • Session II: 12:30-1:30 PM
  • March 8: Community Open House
    • Pitkin County Library
    • 5-7 PM
  • March 15: Facebook Live Q&A
    • City of Aspen Facebook
    • 12 PM
  • March 26: Community Conference Call – Two Sessions
  • March 29: Neighbors and Businesses Meeting
    • Pitkin County Library
    • 1-2 PM