Phase III detours and constuction are in effect. Significant delays are anticipated for both inbound and outbound traffic.

Key Project Updates – Read More Below:

  • Detour routes are anticipated to change on Monday, October 15 with the opening of the 7th and Main Intersection.
  • Unfavorable weather has affected critical path construction activities and schedule.
  • The Power Plant detour will be in effect overnight on October 16.


It is anticipated the 7th and Main will open on Monday, October 15, weather permitting. Once the intersection opens, inbound traffic will return to the s-curves when entering town and outbound traffic will shift to 6th Street (from 5th Street) to Smuggler and Power Plant Road during work hours (7 AM-7PM, Mondays-Fridays, some Saturdays).

Motorists should anticipate the Power Plant detour during construction hours for the remainder of the project. Outside of construction hours, the Power Plant detour is not in effect, and all motorists will use the s-curves. Motorists should follow signage and flagger instruction as dates and routes are subject to change depending on the weather.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, there have been delays on some critical path work activities including waterproofing, paving and striping. While crews are working diligently to complete as much work as possible, some construction will occur after October 31.

At this time, it is anticipated that work remaining after October 31st will include the 8th Street bus shelters, south bridge railing and landscaping. Crews will require up to two days the second week of November for work which will require use of the Power Plant detour. Those dates and times are to be determined and will be announced via project email updates and the project website.

RFTA service of the 8th Street bus stops is anticipated to begin in November pending final work.

We appreciate your patience as we make progress on this dynamic project. Please reach out with any questions or concerns


Updated 1:55 PM on 10/16/18 | Schedule and routes are approximate and subject to change.

  • The Power Plant detour is in effect October 15-19, weather dependent. Motorists should prepare for the Power Plant detour configuration, but whenever possible, crews will run two-way traffic over the bridge. See below maps for updated maps.
  • Overnight on Tuesday, October 16 and Wednesday, October 17, the Power Plant Detour will be in effect (see below).
  • View Power Plant Detour Map (beginning October 15)>>
  • View Two-Way Traffic Detour Map (beginning October 15)>>
  • For the latest schedules, check back here or contact the project phone, 970-618-5379 (call or text).


Weather Dependent – This week crews will be laying waterproofing and paving the bridge. In order to ensure a quality finished product, the contractor will be taking advantage of the forecasted favorable weather conditions and the Power Plant detour will remain in effect overnight on Tuesday, October 16 and Wednesday, October 17. Those evenings, flagger operations will be in effect facilitating inbound motorists and outbound buses across the bridge. General outbound motorists will use the Power Plant detour (6th Street, left to Smuggler to Power Plant Road, left on Cemetery Lane and out on CO-82).

There will be three large, bright overnight lights to facilitate safe flagging operations. These lights will be placed at 6th and Main Street, 7th and Hallam Street, and at the west end of the bridge. Please reach out to the project team with any questions.

Additional Reminders:

  • The bridge will be closed to pedestrians and cyclists for the duration of phase III and a detour will be in effect. There will be heavy machinery and construction. The people on the construction site are trained to be there and so for your safety and the safety of crews – please use the detour via Marolt Open Space.
  • Click below for latest maps, project information, alternative transit options and other resources.


The Castle Creek Bridge / Hallam Street Improvement Project seeks to improve safety and function for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists on the busiest street in Aspen, CO. Key project components include: a protected 8-foot-wide concrete trail, upgraded bus shelters, repaired roadway and improved intersections at both Seventh and Eighth Street. These improvements will increase user safety, promote multi-modal connectivity, upgrade our public transportation infrastructure and enhance corridor aesthetics.


In 2014, the City of Aspen identified the Castle Creek Bridge and Hallam Street corridor as a deficient link in Aspen’s bicycle and pedestrian network. Safe and efficient travel options for cyclists and pedestrians are limited through this area due to topographic, property, and geometric constraints. This is one of the top ten accident locations in the city. Most of the infrastructure between 7th Street and the west side of Castle Creek Bridge has received no significant upgrade since 1962 and many repairs are required. Through extensive public outreach, multiple connectivity studies and experiments, and conceptual planning the City of Aspen developed a project plan to address this critical connection.



The remaining monthly update meetings have been cancelled. For project updates, sign up for project update emails or reach out to the project team at any time with questions or concerns.


Phone (call or text): 970-618-5379